About the Project

The objective of the GRASS (GReen And Sustainable freight transport Systems in cities) project is to develop guidelines for the effective and environmentally-friendly urban freight transport. This is crucial, because currently European cities are inhabited by about 75 % of the population, and according to the OECD forecasts, in 2020 city dwellers will constitute about 83% of the European population. This leads to an increase in the demand for transport of various products including: raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, and industrial and municipal waste. The negative effect of such situation is increased air pollution, high levels of noise, congestion and increased number of road accident victims. All this contributes to a decrease in quality of life for residents and is associated with increased incidence of cancer, respiratory system and cardiovascular diseases.

GRASS project is funded by the Polish- Norwegian Research Programme, which is operated by the National Research and Development Centre. The funds for the Project Grass were granted in the competition in which it has beaten many competing ideas.
Project Leader is the Maritime University of Szczecin. Project will be implemented in collaboration with the Institute of Transport Economics of Oslo. The project is coordinated by Stanislaw Ivan, PhD of Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering.

Work on the project began in June 2013 and will continue until April 2016.

GRASS Project is a continuation of C-LIEGE Project (Clean Last mile transport and logistics management for smart and efficient local Governments in Europe – Managing clean transport and last mile logistics for the wise and efficient local government in Europe), which was implemented between 2010 and 2013 within the framework of Intelligent Energy – Europe 2010 (IEE 2010) Programme by the Maritime University of Szczecin, in cooperation with institutions from Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Portugal , Greece, Malta and Bulgaria.