Work Packages

Work Package 1.The analysis and comparison of functioning of urban freight transport (UFT) systems and identification of activities (projects, implementations) directed on environmental friendly UFT in Norway and in Poland. expand

Task1.1. Establishment of surveys methodology, schedules, requirements.

Task1.2. Realization of the surveys in Poland and Norway.

Task1.3. Comparison analysis of results.

Work Package 2.The major objective of this WP is the analysis of European and world initiatives at the area of implementation of environmental friendly measures for UFT and preparing of the requirements for transfer of it to other cities and regions. expand

Task 2.1. Analysis and classification of best practices in environmental urban freight transport

Task 2.2. Setting the requirements for energy-efficient and sustainable urban freight transport
in Poland and Norway.

Work Package 3.The analysis of the influence of urban freight transport on environment and quality of life at the area of Szczecin (Poland) and Oslo (Norway) in the four time periods. The results of analysis will be the basis of WP 4 I WP5. The WP 3 will help to undertaken the present situation in Szczecin and the expectations of users of urban freight transport system at the beginning of the experiment. Also the results of analysis in this stage of project will help to choose the proper measures and activities. expand

Task 3.1.Cyclic surveys at the area of Szczecin and Oslo.

Task 3.2. Analysis of the results.

Work Package 4. Preparing of the model of transport’s pollution propagation at the urban area and implementation of it as a free application on web-site of GRASS Project for unlimited use by transport and logistics operators. expand

Task 4.1. Preparing of the methodology and assumptions for the model.

Task 4.2. Designing of the model.
Task 4.3. The model evaluation.

Task 4.4. Implementation of the model in the free internet application.

Work Package 5. The most important question for this WP is: how to connect the different expectations of different stakeholders and support them to get the compromised results? The major objectives of this WP are the involvement of stakeholders and the establishment of the platform for cooperation and knowledge sharing as well as the joint actions for measures selection and preparing of the requirements for future implementations in Szczecin. Next important aim of WP5 is the preparing of the guides for FQP establishment in Polish and Norwegian reality (as the result of partnership experiment) and for proper development of environmental friendly measures in UFT.expand

Task 5.1. Preparing of the assumptions and requirements for establishment of cooperative
activities in Szczecin.

Task 5.2. Stakeholders involvement.

Task 5.3. Analysis of needs and resources for implementation of UFT measures based on new and alternative energy sources.

Task 5.4. Evaluation of the partnership experiment and results analysis.

Task 5.5. Action plan for the future implementation of UFT measures based on new and alternative energy sources in Szczecin.

Task 5.6. Preparing of the handbook for FQP establishment in Polish and Norwegian cities and regions.

Work Package 6.The objectives of this WP are the communication between project staff and stakeholders as well as dissemination and popularization of the results and solutions prepared during the project process. The important methods of dissemination will be the Project’s web-site , a web site of Maritime University of Szczecin,web portal e-droga, and Facebook.
Also two international science conferences will be organized during the Project.

Task 6.1. Plan for communication, dissemination and quality assessment activities

Task 6.2. Local communication activities

Task 6.3. Organizing of International Conferences “Green Logistics for Greener Cities”

Task 6.4. Dissemination of the results during the other conferences and meetings

Task 6.5. Starting and maintenance of project web-site

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